Four CDRmare Fact Sheets are available!

In the last months, four CDRmare fact sheets have been prepared and finalised. Until now, these are in German only, but English versions are in progress and will be available in the next months. The fact sheets aim to summarise the current and research-based state of knowledge on marine CDR measures as a starting point for expert and stakeholder dialogue and as a source of information for the interested public.

Two background fact sheets explain CO2 removal from the atmosphere: while the first fact sheet clarifies the urgency of future CDR measures, the second shows the potential of how the oceans can contribute to CO2 storage. A first method fact sheet, each in a short and a long version, specifically addresses CO2 storage in the subsurface of the German North Sea. Both have been produced in collaboration with our CDRmare consortium GEOSTOR.

Additional fact sheets on the other four methods of the CDRmare research consortia are in progress and will be available in the coming months. Further information material can be found on the CDRmare homepage under the category “Media & Info“.


Method “Carbon dioxide storage in the deep subsurface of the German North Sea”:

  • There are two versions: a short (2 pages) and a more detailed one.