The new NDR series “salty FiSH” features field work by sea4soCiety scientists

In June, the two  NDR research divers, Philipp Jeß and Jonas Drescher, accompanied the work of an interdisciplinary sea4soCiety team of biologists and geologists led by chief scientist Jens Schneider von Deimling (CAU Kiel) on board the RV Littorina.

In the first episode of their new NDR series “salty FiSH”, the two NDR authors describe in a 20-minute documentary “Climate Change in SH: The Kelp Forests off Helgoland (German title: “Klimawandel in SH: Die Kelpwälder vor Helgoland”) how the researchers map the distribution of the giant brown algae off Helgoland for the first time over a large area using various methods (e.g. video, hydroacoustic, remote sensing). Another topic is the collection of water samples within the kelp forests to investigate what happens to the dissolved carbon that the brown macroalgae releases into its environment. The log-term aim is to determine which conditions would be most successful in reforesting kelp forests in the North Sea to increase the capacity of CO2 uptake.,saltyfish104.html

Online since 29.08.2022

-> Announcement in the German NDR-SH-Magazin (29.08.22; 19:30 Uhr) from 8:02 to 13:33 min LINK (available until 05.09.22)

Photos: Screenshots from the documentation (from left to right) (a) RV Littorina (GEOMAR Helmholtz Institute for Ocean Research Kiel) (b) Florian Uhl (CAU Kiel) and Jens Schneider v. Deimling (CAU Kiel), (c) Jenny Friedrich (CAU Kiel), (d) Dariya Baiko (Uni Oldenburg)