Two more CDRmare Science Stories are published

…in that the hurdles and successes of everyday scientific life are described in a vivid and exciting way. (currently in German only)

Two more Science Stories were published in early April and early May. The first science story, “Alle Hoffnung auf die neongrüne WolkeAll hope for the neon green cloud), is about the testing of a new wave driven pump from the company OBCS ((Ocean-Based Climate Solutions, Inc.) for the artificial upwelling of nutrient-rich deep water into the upper water layers in order to stimulate algae growth and thus capture more CO2 – a project of the CDRmare consortium Test-ArtUp. It is excitingly described how Jost Kemper and the ten-member team (Kiel UAS, GEOMAR & University of Las Palmas) tested a prototype in the Atlantic Ocean South of the Canary Islands in order to compare the computer models developed by Jost with data from the field. The reader quickly realises that research at sea can be full of surprises.

f.l.t.r.: Jost Kemper, Anton Theileis, Carsten Spisla, Daniel Brüggemann. Foto: M. Sswat, GEOMAR

In the second Science Story “Ein Forschungsduo trotzt dem Druck – Kohlendioxid-Speicherung in der Tiefsee“ (A research duo defies the pressure – carbon dioxide storage in the deep sea), research content from the deep-sea CDRmare consortium AIMS3 is presented. AIMS3 is investigating whether the basalt crust of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge is suitable as a geological CO2 reservoir at medium to great water depths. Two research activities are in the hands of materials chemist Isabel Lange (University of Bremen) and flow modeler Isabel Kremin (GEOMAR) – a scientific duo that has set itself very ambitious goals and defies pressures.

Left: Isabel Kremin (Foto: GEOMAR), right: Isabel Lange (Foto: V. Diekamp, MARUM)