CDRmare Structure

The DAM research mission CDRmare »Marine Carbon Sinks in Decarbonisation Pathways« is composed of six consortia investigating different methods of marine CO2 removal and storage (alkalinisation, blue carbon, artificial upwelling, CCS) in terms of their potential, risks and trade-offs and bringing them together in a transdisciplinary assessment framework. The co-chairs of CDRmare are Prof. Andreas Oschlies (GEOMAR) and Prof. Gregor Rehder (IOW).

Overview of the six consortia:

  • ASMASYS: Assessment framework for marine CO2 removal and synthesis of current knowledge
    (Contact: Wanda Holzhüter //
  • RETAKE: CO2 removal by alkalinity enhancement: potential, benefits and risks
    (Contact: Anja Wenzel //
  • sea4soCiety: Searching for solutions for carbon-sequestration in coastal ecosystems
    (Contact: Mirco Wölfelschneider //
  • GEOSTOR: Submarine carbon dioxide storage in geological formations of the German North Sea
    (Contact: Kristin Hamann //
  • Test-ArtUp: Ocean artificial upwelling
    (Contact: Michael Sswat //
  • AIMS^3: Alternate scenarios, innovative technologies, and monitoring approaches for sub-seabed storage of carbon dioxide
    (Contact: Achim Kopf //; Petra Renken // pren­