CDRmare info materials

On this page, you find – in a glance – an information compilation about and on CDRmare and our five marine carbon dioxide removal and storage methods. To cite as a source, please use ©CDRmare, a citation example is shown in the respective material.

Expert referrals

Are you looking for a scientist/expert who can provide background information or give interviews? The CDRmare team helps in establishing the contact to the right expert. A phone call or a short e-mail is all it takes from your side (see contact details or mail to transfer@cdrmare.de).

Inclusion in media mailing list

Would you like to be added to CDRmare’s media distribution list to receive communications about CDRmare results and events? Then please send a short email with your contact details, your areas of interest and medium you work for to Sina Löschke.

Info portal »Global CO2-Removal News«

The info portal provides global news on the topics CO2 removal and storage from the atmosphere. You can follow current issues, debates, ideas and developments and are kept up to date on events and projects.

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