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Research Mission of the German Marine Research Alliance (DAM) »Marine carbon sinks in decarbonisation pathways«

In order to support pathways to mitigate the increasingly drastic consequences of human-made climate change and to achieve the Paris Agreement goals, the removal of CO2 from the atmosphere will be an important measure alongside massive CO2 emission reductions.
The research mission CDRmare (CDR: Carbondioxide Removal – CO2 removal) will investigate whether and to what extent the ocean can play a significant role in the removal and storage of CO2 from the atmosphere. It will also consider the linkages with and impacts on the marine environment, Earth system, and society, as well as appropriate approaches for monitoring, attributing, and accounting for marine carbon storage in a changing environment.
The research mission will establish relevant assessment criteria and, in the long term, a Marine Carbon Roadmap for the sustainable use of marine carbon storage at regional to global scales, in close dialogue with stakeholders.

CDRmare is recognised as a UN Ocean Decade Project

More information about the UN Ocean Decade can be found here …

The 6 Collaborative Research Consortia

The DAM research mission »Marine Carbon Sinks in Decarbonization Pathways« is composed of 6 consortia investigating different methods of marine CO2 removal and storage (alkalinisation, blue carbon, artificial upwelling, CCS) in terms of their potential, risks and trade-offs and bringing them together in a transdisciplinary assessment framework.

CDRmare Partner