Press Release: CO2 removal from atmosphere is crucial for climate protection – Annual CDRmare conference focuses on ocean-based methods

Stralsund/Kiel/Warnemünde, Januar 31, 2023: Time is pressing: Worldwide, research is warning that it will soon be impossible to curb man-made climate change to a point where the internationally agreed climate targets can be met. According to current knowledge, even a drastic reduction in carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions implemented immediately is no longer sufficient, but will have to be supplemented by additional removal of CO2 from the atmosphere. This is the background for the 2nd annual conference of the research mission CDRmare of the German Marine Research Alliance (DAM), which starts today in Stralsund. About 200 experts will discuss ocean-based methods of atmospheric CO2 removal for three days.>> read more

Wave-driven upwelling pump deployed south of the Canary Islands

As part of the Test ArtUp field activities, a wave-driven deepwater pump was tested in the nutrient-poor subtropical Atlantic Ocean, ~140 nautical miles south of the Canary Islands from Nov 16 to 21. One day after the deployment of the pump by the Spanish RV Sarmiento de Gamboa, a 10-member Test Art-Up team conducted measurements from aboard the sailing vessel Pandora V>> read more

CDRmare Executive Board submitted statement on the BMUV’s “Action Program Natural Climate Protection”

The German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Nuclear Safety and Consumer Protection (BMUV) has conducted an online dialogue as part of its “Action Program Natural Climate Protection” (ANK) from 05.09. to 28.10.2022. In this regard, the CDRmare Executive Board submitted a feedback/statement on 28.10.2022.>> read more