Press Release: For responsible research on marine carbon dioxide removal

Research on marine methods for removing carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere is important. It should not only look at feasibilities and effectiveness, but also consider political, social and legal frameworks. This is the recommendation of two new reports published in the United States of America that researchers from GEOMAR and the German Marine Research Alliance contributed to. The conclusions are of international relevance.>> read more

Press Release: CDRmare Start

The problem is well known: more and more carbon is entering the atmosphere due to human activities. And the atmosphere is heating up. The climate is changing and with it the living conditions on our planet. Oceans slow down this process. However, their uptake of heat and carbon dioxide is too slow to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement – even allowing for ambitious climate policies and a drastic reduction in emissions. In the first research mission of the German Marine Research Alliance (DAM), which was launched at the beginning of August, some 200 researchers working on six collaborative projects are investigating how the effect of the ocean in slowing down and thus mitigating climate change can be boosted in the future.>> read more