Strong contribution of CDRmare researchers to the new issue of the World Ocean Review

Today the eighth World Ocean Review (WOR No. 8) “Climate saviour ocean? How the ocean should absorb (even) more carbon dioxide” was published! The WOR explains the role of the ocean in the Earth’s carbon cycle and presents the benefits, risks and knowledge gaps of the most important ocean-based carbon dioxide removal (mCDR) processes.

The following CDRmare researchers contributed significantly to the preparation of this WOR with their expertise: Christian Baatz, Miranda Böttcher, David Keller, Oliver Geden, Achim Kopf, Christine Merk, Andreas Oschlies, Alexander Proelß, Gregor Rehder, Wilfrid Rickels, Ulf Riebesell, Michael Sswat, Lukas Tank, Klaus Wallmann, Lennart Westmark, Mirco Wölfelschneider and Martin Zimmer.

The World Ocean Review 8 is currently only available in German. Further information can be found in the German news.

The WOR is published every two years in German and English and is read worldwide by interested parties from politics, business and public. It provides up-to-date background knowledge on relevant marine issues and is aimed at anyone who wants to have a say in marine protection and utilisation. WOR’s partners are mare (German Journal of the Seas), KDM (German marine Research Consortium), IOI (International Ocean Institute) and Future Ocean (science network).