BR Documentary: »Gut zu wissen – Die Methanjäger«

(Good to know – The methane hunters)

Contribution of Matthias Hackel in the BR documentary (in German)

How methane affects the climate and how leakages in Germany are currently being dealt with is shown in the episode “Die Methanjäger” in the documentary series “Gut zu wissen”.  From 7:52 min to 11:55 min Matthias Haeckel (scientist GEOSTOR) and Christopher Böttcher (GEOMAR) report on their research work in the North Sea.

One source of emissions not yet considered in CH4 accounting is the numerous bore holes for fossil fuel extraction, which in the process might tapped into near-surface biogenic gas deposits and thus create a leakage pathway. For future planned CO2 storage formations, these holes also pose a leakage risk. GEOSTOR is therefore investigating methane leakages from abandoned bore holes in the North Sea to better understand this leakage risk and to develop countermeasures, e.g. by installing reactive barriers.

Broadcast: “Gut zu wissen”, BR TV channel, 19.03.2022, 7 PM, 29 min, Link available until 17.03.2027