CDRmare actively participates in UN Ocean Decade

“The science we need for the ocean we want” is the vision of the United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development (2021-2030). Since World Oceans Day on June 8, CDRmare is part of the 47 new Decade Actions, strengthening the momentum for ocean knowledge-based solutions to address climate change and related environmental challenges.

CDRmare contributes to the UN Ocean Decades programme “Global Ecosystem for Ocean Solutions” (GEOS, hosted by Ocean Visions). GEOS gathers partners from around the globe with the common aim of generating knowledge and innovative solutions to address climate change and related ocean challenges. The GEOS programme is a framework that aims to promote the co-design, development and deployment of equitable, durable and scalable ocean-based solutions for critical challenges at the ocean-climate nexus.

CDRmare contributes to the achievement of the following UN Ocean Decade challenges:

  • Challenge 4: Generate knowledge, support innovation, and develop solutions for equitable and sustainable development of the ocean economy under changing environmental, social and climate conditions.
  • Challenge 5: Enhance understanding of the ocean-climate nexus and generate knowledge and solutions to mitigate, adapt and build resilience to the effects of climate change across all geographies and at all scales, and to improve services including predictions for the ocean, climate and weather.
  • Challenge 9: Ensure comprehensive capacity development and equitable access to data, information, knowledge and technology across all aspects of ocean science and for all stakeholders.

Our research mission is not only contributing to the UN Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 14 ‘Life below water’ – it links especially to SDG 9 ‘Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure’, SDG 13 ‘Climate Action’ and SDG 17 ‘Partnerships to achieve the Goal’.

As an Ocean Decade project “Marine Carbon Sinks in Decarbonisation Pathways”, CDRmare will work with GEOS partners and experts to determine which carbon capture and storage methods are best suitable as ocean-based solutions against climate change and for the protection of the ocean ecosystem. In addition, our experts will enhance research collaborations, (scientific) knowledge exchange, joint education and outreach activities (for Early Career Ocean Professionals). We will discuss the development and testing of innovative solutions at international level, and advance diversity, equity and inclusion.

We are looking forward to the coming years!