A further exciting CDRmare Science story…

…about “Experimente zur Alkalinitätserhöhung des Ozeans: Wie reagiert das Leben im Meer?” (Experiments on enhanced alkalinity in the ocean: What are the impacts on marine life?) has been published. The science story offers exclusive insights into the research of the CDRmare consortium RETAKE. (in German only)

Amrita Bhaumik (AWI), Giulia Faucher and Leila Kittu (both GEOMAR) as well as a team of over 30 scientists conducted experiments off Helgoland for eight weeks in spring 2023. In so-called mesocosms, the researchers realistically simulated the use of techniques to artificially increase the alkalinity of seawater and investigated the question: What are the effects on marine life? Their aim: to investigate the effects on the marine environment as reliably as possible.

This story can be read, among others, at: https://cdrmare.de/science-stories/

Top (from left to right): Amrita Bhaumik, Giulia Faucher and Leila Kittu at work; Below: “Spider” is what the researchers call the device they use to inject the alkaline solution into the mesocosms. Photos: Michael Sswat, CDRmare/GEOMAR